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Norton security product is simple to install throughout the website It provides quick support for Norton installation, activation and setup. - Download, Install and Setup Norton Using Product Key

Norton Internet Security is a security programming thing from Symantec. Squeezed with features to protect your PC from a wide scope of online risks and the essential undertakings in this respect winning writing computer programs are antivirus, antagonistic to spyware, firewall and antispam security. Download Norton antivirus from

Get Norton Setup Activation Key

The activation key can be found in different ways. Most of the time, the need for Norton activation keys is not mandatory. The Norton activation key is required only when Norton setup is expired or facing an issue with the subscription days. Then you need to download the product key from the account to which you have a current subscription.

Now you can use the subscription key for the usage in the need to resolve the problems. To find your product key is purely based on the model that you purchase.

  1. First, you need to go to and sign in to your account. On my subscription page scroll the page down, then in the Norton Utilities Premium, you will be able to find the Norton activation key. Then, copy the Norton activation key.
  2. Then click the Start Norton Utilities Premium option available.
  3. Click activate now an option on the page.
  4. Enter the Norton Utilities Premium product key and then click the activate now option to activate

How to Setup Norton Using Product Key?

  1. To activate Norton Setup antivirus using product key login to your account.
  2. The Norton Product Key is a combination of 25 digit alpha and numeric characters. It does not contain any special character.
  3. If you have purchased the Norton antivirus via norton setup then the activation code will be delivered to your registered email address, and in the case, if you have purchased the antivirus from a retail shop then the activation code is given on a sealed pack of your Norton product.
  4. Now on the product main page, enter your product key.
  5. Then, click the activate now option to activate your Norton setup antivirus software on your device.

Download Norton Setup from

  1. To download the Norton antivirus, visit and sign in to your account, you can choose the version of the software that supports your device.
  2. The Norton antivirus software can be installed on many devices like a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
  3. If you have purchased your Norton antivirus software from a retail shop or bought from the service providers then alternative methods should be followed.
  4. To install the Norton antivirus software your device should meet the minimum requirement to install the software that is instructed by the Norton life lock protection. Then the following steps should be acquired to download.
  5. Then, enter your email address and password for your account.
  6. If you have forgotten the Norton password or username, then click the ‘forgot password’ option to recover your password and username.
  7. After completing the sign-in process in the Norton antivirus software website portal, click on the download option available.
  8. If you are using a windows based device, then you can purchase the Norton antivirus software from the Microsoft store available in windows.
  9. If you are using the mobile device to set up the Norton antivirus software, then choose the subscription that you want to download.
  10. Now you have successfully downloaded the software on your device.

Essential System Requirements for Installation of

The essential requirements for the installation process of the Norton antivirus software that need to be adopted are both in software and hardware. Below are the essential software and hardware requirements to set up the Norton antivirus software.

Software Requirements for Norton Antivirus Software

The software requirement of antivirus is that the software runs on the Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 64 bit. The Norton antivirus software also runs on windows 7 32 bit ad windows 7 64 bit. The Norton antivirus software is compatible with both personal and professional uses. The Norton setup anti-virus software has different plans for users that include Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate versions of the windows 7 pc or computer.

Hardware Requirement for the Norton Antivirus Software

The hardware requirement for the Norton antivirus software to run successfully requires 300 Mhz. The Norton antivirus software requires a faster CPU in the windows platform and 1GHz. The Norton antivirus software requires a faster CPU in the windows vista and windows 7 platforms. The Norton antivirus software requires a minimum RAM of 256MB. To install requires 300MB of space available for the installation of the software.

Install Norton Antivirus Setup via on Mac and Windows

Once the Norton Installer file is successfully downloaded on your device, you are good to go to install it to your laptop or PC.

  1. Search for the download file, normally it’s in the download folder, but its location will be what you specified at the start of the download.
  2. Double click the installer file with exe extension once you have located it.
  3. The Installer will launch, click on the agree button for the user license agreement.
  4. This will kickstart the installation. It will take some time before the installation is complete.

Activate the Norton antivirus you have just installed

  1. You have the software ready on your device but you have to activate it unlock its full feature
  2. Double click the Norton security on your desktop to launch the Norton application.
  3. On the software application main window, go to the account section in the menu tab.
  4. In the account, section click on the activate option.
  5. The Activation dialogue box will appear. Enter the 25 digit product activation code and hit the submit button.